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Erika Schlick was sick for two years before she was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She was so debilitated that she went from being a licensed architect to spending much of her time in bed.


She was also diagnosed with Celiac disease. One of the first steps she took to regain her health was to change her diet.

Erika wrote "Wandering Palate" so that others can enjoy optimal health on a Paleo diet while relishing delicious dishes at the same time. Many of the recipes featured in "Wandering Palate" were inspired by meals Erika enjoyed during her travels, but are easy to prepare. After a five-year journey that included stem-cell treatment and maintaining a healthy, gluten-free diet, Erika has been in remission from Lyme disease for two years.

Erika Schlick received her Health Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition IIN and has been working as a health coach to guide people on their path back to wellness. March and May Health in the Fifth Dimension. She uses her multi-dimensional presence and clair-senses to uncover the root cause of health issues, like traumas in other timelines, oaths and vows, and ancestral energies.

Janet detects nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, body system issues and their remedies. She transmits light codes and activations as she speaks, working directly with many Divine Beings of Light including Masters, Arch Angels, and Galactic beings. Janet had a fairly traditional life and successful career in leadership roles in high-tech corporations before her awakening in Her body presented her with her wake-up call in the form of debilitating osteo-arthritis.

After having surgery in one hip, she has now fully healed the other hip. In this episode, she'll discuss: How to recognize and work with the messages from our physical bodies to clear past traumas and discordant energies. How our bodies are lovingly getting our attention through aches, pains, chronic issues, and even injuries. Easy energy tools to clear energy and restore harmony.

Who are the Pleiadians?

Janet will take callers and provide mini-readings. Our next two Starseed Quests to Arkansas! Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for more info! Molly McCord, M. She is a practicing intuitive astrologer who has connected with clients in over 30 countries, and hosts a popular weekly radio show that has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners in the past 7 years. Molly has been studying spiritual topics and concepts for over 25 years, and shares her knowledge primarily through her books, online courses, weekly podcast, and YouTube channel teachings.

Who are the Pleiadians? Pleiadian Facts and Myths | Gaia

Molly is being called forward on her path now to support more awake and conscious healers, artists, authors, and entrepreneurs to share their work in the world. Online where she offers free videos, guidance, and tips for building your online business in a solid, practical manner. Anastasia is away on assignment this week, but will be back with the Starseed News next week. Song of Atlantis author Brian Power. Three story lines are interwoven throughout the novel.

Pleiadian Tales - Life and Love!

They soon unravel the secrets of perpetual energy and plan to re-create this energy source to benefit the world. In "Song of Atlantis", author Brian Power speculates that when the ancient civilization of Atlantis realized their island was in peril, they sent emissaries to all parts of the world in the hopes of imparting their knowledge to other, less enlightened cultures. This premise sets the stage for a riveting thriller that pits good against evil as a team of contemporary scientists discover a treasure trove of technology left by the Atlanteans that may reveal the secret to harnessing clean energy for the entire planet.

Our next 2 Starseed Quests to Arkansas! Patty's spiritual journey began very early. When the Pleiadians suggested a book about her life which they would infuse with unique activations for Starseeds, it seemed way out of reach. But from many intense multi-dimensional experiences enabled healing and reintegration of her soul with her higher self. Encouraged by the Pleiadians and Lavandar, the book was completed in A trained counsellor and energy worker, she also encourages others to integrate their soul's journey in personal sessions called Conversations.

Like the book, the sessions are for anyone ready to understand, validate and embrace their decision to come to Earth now. Gloria Amendola is an author and intuitive with a passion for esoteric knowledge, the hidden history of the divine feminine and the Great Mother Goddess, and the dreamtime. Gloria teaches the Holy Grail Mysteries and their connection to the secret destiny of America. Amendola is a trained group facilitator with a specialty in Dreams and Soul Recovery.

She is a Reiki Master, and a powerful shamanic drummer.

She was trained on the Chiren light instrument, and uses other cutting-edge disciplines in her work. She has written scripts for theater that have been produced nationally. Gloria has also written 2 novels. She follows the footsteps of the Judean Refugees, the Druids, Essenes and Knights Templar, gathering impressions from the traces they left behind. Gloria has learned, where they walked, so too walked the Ancient Ones. Announcing our next 2 Starseed Quests to Arkansas! Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for more details.

Alchemist Tools with Peggy Black.

Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness; author, lecturer with over forty years experience in the healing field. These free messages invite others to honor their multidimensional Self. Topics for this episode also cover: connecting with your own 'team', weaving your reality, and multidimensional star beings. As a Spiritual Synergist, Peggy conducts ceremonies of transformation worldwide. Lucia are a few of the sacred sites where ceremonies have been performed using the power of sound and the holiness of water.

Announcing our next two Starseed Quests to Arkansas! Jewels began dreaming about things she did not understand. Truly skincare of the future, now! She has a Pet Healing Package with an Oil for the pet and a Tincture for the owner, as the primary reason pets become sick is because they absorb the owners' stress and toxins. The tincture balances the owner and harmonizes them with activating optimal pet health.

Pleiadian Earth-Energy Astrology. Pia Orleane, Ph. Trained in archeology and anthropology, Cullen, who has been accessing parallel realms of love and light since childhood, is an empathic intuitive. Pia and Cullen have been lecturing around the world for the past dozen years bringing the wisdom of the Pleiadian group Laarkmaa. Audiences of all sizes throughout America, across Europe, South America, and Russia have welcomed the interstellar wisdom and perspectives Laarkmaa shares.

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Pia and Cullen gave up their traditional careers for this larger purpose, and their mission is to help the evolution of all as we move towards unity and higher vibrational states of consciousness. They offer many services, including monthly Live Calls to interact with Laarkmaa, weekly inspiring messages from the Pleiadians, and personal sessions.

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Star Origins with Jacquelin Smith. Jacquelin has been communicating telepathically with animals and star beings, as well as angels and beings of light, since childhood. She is a psychic, an interdimensional traveler, light language linguist, internationally known animal and star being communicator, and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner.

She does consults with people globally and has for over 35 years. Jacquelin experienced encounters with ETs on starships as a child and teen, and has contact with various races ongoing. She can hear, see, and feel ETs and other beings. While in the womb, star beings injected her with a DNA cocktail mix from 7 races, which makes her a hybrid. This genetically enhanced Jacquelin with various talents and skills. She receives symbols and messages from the star beings, and she also speaks various light languages of Star Beings.

She has been speaking light language since she was eighteen years old.