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You are so quickly shocked back into your normal routine that life-changing experiences you had only a short time ago feel like eons away. Definitely not for lack of interest!

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Now I realize that the small goals we were working on thousands of kilometres across the world can still have an impact here — we can make a difference! My project was to help Discovery Indochina, and the Cinnamon Hotel and Mint Cafe which they own and operate, make a shift from single-use plastics to bamboo straws. It was really inspiring to work with an organization that wanted to make change, even if it was an uphill counter-culture battle.

Dzung Nguyen, my Hanoian boss, is really a visionary who has so many ideas on how to change the world, one small step at a time. The bamboo straw project was only one of his goals, and I was happy to be able to dedicate some time to try and bring it to fruition. That might be one of the best opportunities of the Leave for Change program — to build upon past work experience that may not be part of your current job, but is definitely still valuable to partners when in a different context.

This project is certainly not complete, but I am proud of the work that we did together. I know there is a good foundation, and enough drive within the organization to keep it going. As pieces become finalized for example, the website, bamboo straw store, or documentary , I am happy to share with anyone interested!

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Jenny announced her move from 2FM on social media on March 12, in a gracious post that ended with a quote from Terry Wogan about the dangers of hanging on too long. View this post on Instagram Back at corkoperahouse for guinnesscorkjazz Sat Oct 26th tickets on sale tomorrow morning 10am corkjazz. I point out that other DJs were affected by her coming back into the schedule — how did she feel about that?

How to settle back into life in Ireland? Don’t ‘settle’

He just moved a few things, changed a few time blocks, but no one was let go. It was actually mentioned in one of the first reactions to her departure announcement on Twitter. I suggest this might be because the nightclub drugs were different in Cork. She was a regular on the dance floor in Dublin hot spots like the Temple Theatre, the Pod and Redbox. Her Electric Disco show continues to introduce new and old tunes to a fresh generation of fans on 2FM. Along with all that, she DJs around the country on a regular basis; she has put in her time and it shows.

Jenny fits her private life around a busy work schedule. She married Kelly Keogh in , four years after they started seeing each other, having originally met in Irish college when they were teenagers.

Settling (back) in

She mentions Healy regularly and she clearly likes him. He was the one who paired her with Nicky Byrne.


And he was the one who came to her three years ago with an idea. I came off air, Dan called me in and said he had something a bit mad to run by me. Or so I thought. My ideal gig would be to DJ behind a screen.

Translation of "settling back in" in Hebrew

I love playing music, I hate having to react or look a certain way. James Blunt says two strangers have offered sick father lifeline. Stormzy announces world tour.

en.isopuwekefys.tk Stormzy and Crowded House announce Irish gigs. Despite housing crisis there's a hunger for architecture like never before.