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Even on a Sunday afternoon in February people were parked far down the road.

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I absolutely love it, probably more than quite a few lobster rolls. Sadly, when I went this last time they were out of them, I nearly cried. But, have no fear, I drowned my sorrows in lobster rolls, well, and also beer. I think I like the Fest version better, it was actually one of my favorites there. They offer a regular size and a jumbo size lobster roll at the restaurant. I, of course, ordered both and when she delivered them, I actually had to ask which was which.

They really looked exactly the same, an illusion of the round bun perhaps. The weights were indeed quite different, and the bread, despite identical appearance was different. The regular sized bun had more of an airy brioche texture and less flavor and the jumbo was a heartier bread, more potato like dense texture and quite flavorful. The both tasted bakery fresh or at least innovative, which I strongly admire.

The lobster meat is fresh caught and picked here and it tastes great. They give a generous amount, but not as generous as the weight, including mayo and a hearty bun, might suggest. However, I feel like they use a smidge too much mayo. To look at the pictures, you might say way too much, but no.

It tastes like nearly the right combo, just a tiny bit over on the mayo. One reason may be that they cut the meat into rather small chunks, which provides more surface area for mayo to stick to. This is probably because I have found that when using a round bun, large chunks are not the right answer, they fall right out. Either go uncut, ala Clam Shack , or cut small for a round bun.

There is also shredded lettuce involved. Overall, this is a very good lobster roll with a fabulous view, particularly in the summer. Leave a comment.

Atwoods of Maine — Probably my favorite and as far as I can tell, this is the only place you can get this lobster roll. I love it when I can try many lobster rolls in one place.

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I had tried quite a few of the vendors here, but no harm in eating them again. This is a festival on Ocean Ave along one of the prettiest beaches in New England the outer cape are the only better ones, in my opin ion. A word of advice is to walk along the beach side of the tents wherever possible. The Big E opens the following week and I needed to get into weaving practice. This huge crowd is a great opportunity. That said, if one stinks at a f estival, I am less likely to spend more time and money trying it in the real world.

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The first lobster roll I tried was La Bec Rouge. I believe they were the sponsor of the lobster roll eating contest. I tried to make it there in time to witness the spectacle, but mercifully, I arrived too late. Watching people eat is disgusting. Just in case you were wondering, no, Lobster Gal is not cut out to be a contender in the lobster roll eating contest. Then on to the Restaurant and bar for their adorable lobster sliders on a brioche bun.

I sure do love this concoction, just whole lobster tail dipped in butter on a stick. Next up Rye Harbor Lobster Pound , it was a hot one with butter sherry topping. Yuck, not a fan, had the weird flavor lobster gets when it sits hot for a very long time, also rubbery and dry. The man was right there picking the fresh meat, looked fantastic. In , my doctor told me to buy a funeral plot because I would need one within the next 5 years. But I'm still here , because a shelter dog saved my life. When people see a photo of who I was 5 years ago , they can 't, and often don 't believe that it 's me.

My weight had crept up to pounds , my blood pressure was through the roof , super high cholesterol , I had Type 2 diabetes ,. And I just felt really uncomfortable around other people. I became separated from society and I just stopped living. I went on a business trip. You know how small airplane seats are. I could barely squeeze into one and basically I'd spill over both sides.

They had to delay the flight , because they didn 't have a seatbelt extension that would fit me. There was a gentleman next to me , and he just looked in complete disgust , and he looked at me ,. That really was my bottom point. That 's the point that I really decided that , you know , I'm either gonna die or I have to do something. I looked in the phone book and I found a nutritionist near me.

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One of the first things that she asked me to do was to go adopt a shelter dog. It would force me to go outside , it would force me to become more socially interactive. So I went to a local shelter , and I remember telling the lady ,. And when I walked in the room , we both looked at each other with , like a look of " really?

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I took him home that night , neither of us knew what to expect. And over a period of time , we really formed an inseparable bond ,. We began walking for at least a half an hour a day , every day. Everything about my life improved. I got off all meds , I no longer have Type II diabetes. Peety also lost about 25 pounds. So we did it together. It was like a miracle. There you go! Hi Peety! So I read over Peety 's paperwork when I adopted him , and it turns out that , he was left alone in a backyard , and nobody played with him.

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He had arthritis and all kinds of rashes , and his skin was just itching all the time. He was wondering what would ever happen to him.

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He 'd gone from being in a situation like I was , where he didn 't have any friends , and he didn 't know anybody , and really became a proud dog. Peety , ready for the next stop? Peety 's a good boy! Beyond unconditional love ,. Peanut butter! Peety taught me absolute loyalty. He looked at me , in every sense , as though I was the greatest person on the planet. I decided that , I wanted to be the person who he thought I was. One of the things that I dreamed of doing was running a full marathon. And he looked at me , like , " You can do it!

And I went out , and I did it. This entire process brought me out of my shell and made me a different person. I knew that he was getting old and his time was coming.