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In the following years, thousands of people flocked to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which soon came to symbolize the sacrifices of all American service members. While the Tomb drew many respectful mourners, it also became a tourist destination. In , Congress established a military guard to protect the Tomb during daylight hours.

Since midnight on July 2, , the Army has maintained a hour guard over the Tomb. Sentinels of the 3rd U. Infantry, "The Old Guard," assumed these duties on April 6, , maintaining a constant vigil regardless of weather conditions. President Dwight D. The Army ultimately exhumed eighteen bodies from North Africa, Europe, the Philippines and Hawaii; two Unknowns were chosen, representing the European and Pacific Theaters of the conflict. They were placed in identical caskets aboard the USS Canberra, a guided-missile cruiser off the Virginia capes.

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Navy Hospitalman 1st Class William R. The remaining casket received a solemn burial at sea. The Korean War had its own share of unknown soldiers. North Korean forces killed and captured a number of American soldiers during their initial offensive in June , and when the Chinese entered the war that fall, they overran a number of temporary cemeteries. Army officials chose one unknown casket from four exhumed from the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii.

The caskets were rotated such that each unknown serviceman rested on the "Lincoln catafalque," a raised platform that had held President Lincoln's casket in April President Eisenhower awarded each the Medal of Honor. The United States' involvement in the Vietnam War deeply divided the nation. Leaders anguished over how to commemorate the conflict. In , President Jimmy Carter dedicated a plaque at Memorial Amphitheater which commemorated those missing in action from the Vietnam War. There were few unknown burials in Vietnam, however, due to advances in technology that facilitated the identification of remains.

Nonetheless, President Ronald Reagan and much of the American public wanted to honor Vietnam veterans by interring an unknown soldier at Arlington and pushed for a selection to be made. On May 17, , U. Marine Corps Sgt. Allan Jay Kellogg, Jr. As with the Unknowns from previous conflicts, the casket first lay in state at the Capitol Rotunda and was transported via caisson to Arlington.

Suddenly he dug into an older one made years before. He crawled into it with a leaping heart and began to explore. He found an old carpet and a bit of burned candle. They proved that some one had lived there. What kind of a man had he been and what kind of life had he lived—black or white or red, robber or beggar or adventurer? Some of us were walking in the woods one day when we saw a bone sticking out of the ground.

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Luckily we had a spade, and we set to work digging. Not one moment was the tool idle. Suppose that instead of finding the bones of a horse we had uncovered a gold-wrapped king.

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Suppose that instead of a deserted cave that boy had dug into a whole buried city with theaters and mills and shops and beautiful houses. Suppose that instead of picking up an Indian arrowhead you could find old golden vases and crowns and bronze swords lying in the earth. It is of such digging and such finding that this book tells. Vesuvius 3. Pompeii Today. Two Winners of Crowns 2. How a City Was Lost. Line Art of Bronze Lamp. Caption: Bronze Lamps. The bowl held olive oil. A wick came out at the nozzle. These lamps gave a dim and smoky light. Ariston, the Greek slave, was busily painting.

He stood in a little room with three smooth walls.

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The fourth side was open upon a court. A little fountain splashed there. Above stretched the brilliant sky of Italy. The August sun shone hotly down.

It cut sharp shadows of the columns on the cement floor. The artist was painting the walls. Two were already gay with pictures. They showed the mighty deeds of warlike Herakles. Here was Herakles strangling the lion, Herakles killing the hideous hydra, Herakles carrying the wild boar on his shoulders, Herakles training the mad horses. But now the boy was painting the best deed of all—Herakles saving Alcestis from death.

He had made the hero big and beautiful.

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The strong muscles lay smooth in the great body. One hand trailed the club. On the other arm hung the famous lion skin. With that hand the god led Alcestis. He turned his head toward her and smiled. On the ground lay Death, bruised and bleeding. One batlike black wing hung broken. He scowled after the hero and the woman. In the sky above him stood Apollo, the lord of life, looking down.

But the picture of the god was only half finished.

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The figure was sketched in outline. Ariston was rapidly laying on paint with his little brushes. His lips were open, and his breath came through them pantingly. For he had a great plan in his mind. Yet he was a free-born son of Athens, from a family of painters. Pirates had brought him here to Pompeii, and had sold him as a slave. For his master, Tetreius, loved beauty.

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The Roman had soon found that his young Greek slave was a painter. He had said to his steward:. He shall paint the walls of my private room.

So he had talked to Ariston about what the pictures should be. The Greek had found that this solemn, frowning Roman was really a kind man. Then hope had sprung up in his breast and had sung of freedom. Then I will clasp his knees.

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I will tell him of my father, of Athens, of how I was stolen. Perhaps he will send me home. Now the painting was almost done. As he worked, a thousand pictures were flashing through his mind. He saw his beloved old home in lovely Athens. He gazed again at the Parthenon, more beautiful than a dream.

Then he saw himself playing on the fishing boat on that terrible holiday. He saw the pirate ship sail swiftly from behind a rocky point and pounce upon them. He saw himself and his friends dragged aboard.