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On December 8, Jespersen and Ueland arrived in Morocco. In the past decade, Morocco has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.

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As other countries in the Middle East and North Africa have been riven by political conflict and instability following the Arab Spring, Morocco has traded on its reputation as a safe and tourist-friendly vacation spot. In , more than 12 million foreign tourists traveled to Morocco, setting a new record. Jespersen and Ueland arrived in Imlil by taxi, according to local sources, and soon set off for the hike to the summit.

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They opted not to enlist a guide. If something were to go wrong, a local guide will be the quickest route to getting help. In December, wind, snow, and below-freezing temperatures dissuade some visitors from the High Atlas, but Toubkal remains popular. From there, the path snakes steadily upward.

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They shared the path with a number of trekkers, guides, and muleteers, several of whom later remembered the women as smiling and friendly. From there, the path continues another three and a half miles to the Refuge du Toubkal, a mountain hostel at 10, feet.

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Hikers typically spend the night there, taking advantage of its basic restaurant and hot showers, before waking up before sunrise to tackle the summit the next day. Above the refuge, the hike gets more serious, with crampons a necessity well into April. The broad, rocky summit is often crowded with hikers taking triumphant selfies in front of the pyramidal peak marker.

On a clear day, if you squint at the horizon, you might be able to spot the shining dunes of the Sahara Desert. At the same time Jespersen and Ueland were navigating the Toubkal trail, four men from the outskirts of Marrakech were approaching the peak from the opposite direction. At one of the mountain passes, the men crossed paths with Brahim Baakenna, a local guide who was accompanying two Danish tourists. The encounter seemed unremarkable at the time. Baakenna exchanged greetings with the men, who appeared to be in their twenties and thirties, then pointed out the path leading up to the refuge.

They had a brief, cordial conversation with a hanout owner who asked to remain anonymous for this story and, according to Moroccan security services, they also spoke with a British hiker, asking him if he was Muslim. He reportedly said that he was.


Guidebooks note that it takes around three or four hours to make it from the refuge back to Imlil, and starting early is particularly important in December, when the sun sets around The man who runs the hanout closest to the trailhead shuttered his store around four, then headed home without having seen the women.

The men from Marrakech spotted them around 7 P. They pitched their own tent a couple hundred feet downslope. They now numbered three, one member of their party having already headed back to the city in order to find a safe house, according to security officials. Shortly after the attack, the three men fled the scene, leaving their tent behind.

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The next morning, two French tourists staying in Imlil set out for an early-morning hike. They ran down the mountain to report the crime.

They were broken. We warned everyone we saw in Imlil not to go up there. I did not want more to see what we had seen. Soon the mountain was swarming with emergency medical technicians and forensic investigators. Residents of Imlil clustered near the trailhead, trying to make sense of what had happened. Some surmised that the killers had come from Sidi Chamarouche. An attack on a tourist was also an attack on the underlying economy of the entire valley.

By Wednesday, two days after the bodies were discovered, a disturbing video was circulating on Facebook. Over the course of its 76 seconds, it purportedly showed the stabbing and decapitation of one of the women. If your thinking falls into the latter camp, you'll be glad to know that resorts are finally opening — and offering more than ever.

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Elevation is at Pahlone Parkway in Poncha Springs.

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This local company is the maker of small-batch, handcrafted whiskey, gin and liquor, and the tasting room is open until 10 p. All rights reserved. In the United States between and fathers were more likely than mothers to be killed by their children. Teenage sons 16 to 19 years-old were most often the perpetrators in parental killings.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Breakdown of known homicides involving children killing a father between and Sons committed patricide far more frequently than daughters. Rates of individual homicide involving family members in the United States between and Retrieved