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Our God, after all, is the God who provides for the sparrows and numbers the hairs on our heads. This God who is interested in how we speak, how we handle our money, how we carry our bodies - He is also interested in how we live with food. Liturgy is not, in the end, open to our emotional whims.

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It repoints the person praying, taking him somewhere else. But overall, it is the fixed order and content of Jewish prayer that gives it its distinctiveness and that demands the personal commitment to prayer as a discipline. Gatewood knows. When he has forgotten everything else, those words are the words he will have.

Joy in The Marvelous Mud House – Russell’s Adventures

Those words have formed his heart, and—regardless of what he feels or remembers on any particular morning—they continue to form his heart still. When you don't have to think all the time about what words you are going to say next, you are free to fully enter into the act of praying; you are free to participate in the life of God. This small, everyday attentiveness of eyebrow pencils is perhaps a picture of the very sort of bodily care our embodied God would have us cultivate, weather in illness or wellness, whether our bodies are in the throes of ecstasy or the throes of pain.

Whom is the contemporary Sabbath designed to honor? Whom does it benefit? In observing the Sabbath, one is both giving a gift to God and imitating Him.

Mostly it's about training so that you'll know the mountaintop for what it is when you get there. We didn't have much money, so our luncheon consisted of loaves of sliced white bread and bottles of soda. There was no butter, or jelly, or anything else to spread on the slices of bread, but no one was complaining in any way, fact is everyone was so happy and excited to be there.


How a Trip to Kenya Inspired The Marvelous Mud House

As we ate the bread and drank the soda, each person, one by one without being asked to do this got up and gave a testimony of how " Kenya Hands of Hope " had previously helped them. Some spoke of food assistance that was given to them in their time of need, others commented on how KHofH stepped in and had two doctors from one of the Kisii Hospitals come to Nyamaruma and surgically removed Jiggers from their grandchildren's feet, and from other children from the village who's feet were plagued with the Jiggers.

The last person to stand up and speak that day was Margaret, the young widow and mother of four young children. She stated that after her husband had recently died from pneumonia if I remember correctly that they had been evicted from the house where they were living.

The Marvelous Mud House

She said they now had no place to stay. A very sad situation. As the luncheon came to an end, we began saying our goodbyes to the large number of brethren who were attending that feast site.

We were also trying to find enough funds to give some who had walked to the FOT site, enough fare to return home on motor bike taxis. In fact when I arrived that morning, I noticed that the wooden fence that had been around the feast site was missing.

When I asked what happened to the fence, I was informed that they had run out of fire wood to cook with, and decided to use the fence. Anyway, a few days later after the feast was over and everything settled down, I began thinking about that homeless widow, and inquired what had happened to her. Turns out that no one was able to help her that last night at the feast, and that she was reported living on the street somewhere in the large nearby village of Ogembo.

Even though the larger mud hut gave them more room, it did not provide shelter during monsoon season. Pastor Rwiju and the believers realized they needed a sturdier building—one that could withstand heavy storms during the rainy season. They persistently asked God to provide them with a permanent place to gather together. Then, after eight long years, He answered their plea with a church made of bricks.

The believers no longer needed to worry about staying safe and dry as they worshiped, even in the strongest storms.

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  6. The building provided a secure place to worship and a place to learn together about the Lord. Instead, they became curious about the prayer meetings and Sunday services that were held inside. One of these curious people was a woman named Poorvi. She hoped to find relief and provide a better life for her children.


    Instead, she found only unrest and discontentment. Her mind often turned to the prayer meetings at the new church building, and soon she decided to attend. She began attending regularly and asked Jesus to forgive her sin. After eight years of prayer, God provided a sturdy church building for Rwiju and the other believers. Seeing this, many villagers became curious about Christ. One of these people was a woman named Poorvi, who left her drunken husband to find relief and provide a better life for her children.

    Like Poorvi, many other villagers have found peace inside this church building. Men, women and even children often come from near and far to see the sturdy brick structure.