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Let Your Words be few. We've got to be careful about what we say. We need to ration our words and be economical with what we say because we will give an account to God for every idle word we speak. That troubles me and, you know, sometimes we want to be cute and we say a lot of things recklessly or we say something without thinking or without filtering through the holy spirit before we talk and we hurt people.

Kingdom, Grace, Judgment : Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus

And that's why I'm glad for God's grace. Where would we - if it wasn't for God's grace - when you consider that we're going to be judged for all our works and all our words, how could you make it through another day?

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Have you ever been confronted with a terror thinking about your sins? You should be at some - I don't see how anyone could come to the cross and repent without really thinking about the terror that you will stand in the presence of a holy God who is a consuming fire not having thought about your sins. You know they say before a person dies - I'll tell you that in just a minute.

I've got another Scripture - Matthew All right, let's get a microphone. It always takes a moment to get set up for that. Matthew You ever heard that before a person dies their life flashes before them?

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Any of you ever have your life flash before you? Yeah, I see a couple hands I had a friend share an experience with me - and it wasn't because his life flashed before him, he just woke up in the middle of the night and he had an experience like he'd never had before - where all of a sudden the Holy Spirit came down on him and made him aware - you know, one of the gifts of the Spirit is not just comfort, it's conviction. The Holy Spirit can convict us of our sins and that's a good thing because you can't repent of your sins until you're convicted of them. And this fellow woke up in the night and he just suddenly was suffocating under an avalanche of guilt and everything he could imagine that he had ever said or done wrong - the things he'd said to his friends and family and spouse and the shady things, maybe in business, that he had done and just - it just went back and he was just all of a sudden crushed with a consciousness of the sin in his life.

I think it's a healthy thing for us to be made aware of our sin because, after all, Jesus died for those things.

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Shouldn't we know what it is he died for? If we're going to repent of our sins - I mean, some people believe ignorance is bliss.

Grace and Judgment - Dr Carl Trueman

To some extent that's true but I think it's important to be - confront ourselves - be honest with ourselves. Does the Bible say, 'let every man examine himself whether he's in the faith. Yeah, we ought to know. And how could you make it through another day when you become aware of your sins and your selfishness, if it wasn't for the knowledge that there's hope? The only thing that keeps me going is I believe in the grace of God. But I also believe in the judgment of God. And a real Bible Christian keeps those things in balance.

You don't want to presume on his grace and forget about his judgment. And you don't want to be overwhelmed with his judgment and forget about his grace. You'd just be living under - you'd be crawling around all the time saying, 'woe is me. If there's no grace you ought to be crawling around saying 'woe is me. But you need the balance between the two. For The Son of man will come in the glory of his father with his angels, and then he will reward each according to his works. That's not a trick question. Are we? How can we be saved by grace through faith and judged by works?

Do those Scriptures conflict? Your works reveal whether or not you have been saved by grace through faith. Because if you are saved and you are a new creature and given the new born-again heart, is there a difference in the life when you are a new creature with a new heart? So, if a person says, 'praise the Lord I'm born again!

If a person says, 'Lord Lord. It's a safe guide. Now you might say, 'well, what about the thief on the cross? He died within a few hours of being saved by grace. And how do we know his works are any different? Jesus said, 'this is the work, that you believe on the one the father has sent.

Corinthians You know, when you think about the day of the Lord it's often used to talk about the second coming and the day of judgment. Things might pass off in the world and have people convinced, but things are going to be tested by the fire of God where all the dross is burned away.

I want to read you another verse. There is no shortage of verses on this subject. Hebrews and And again, 'the Lord will judge his people. When I think about my enemies being judged it's satisfying.

How many of you remember reading in Revelation about those - it's a symbol - it's in a vision, but it talks about the souls under the altar that are crying, 'how long, o Lord, will you allow our blood to be unavenged? You know, there's so many people that are oppressed around the world and there's been so much wickedness and then you hear about these despots that grind down their people and they're brutal and they commit genocide and they flee from their country and they die of old age on the riviera.

And you think, 'that just isn't right. Just the lost or the saved or both? We must all - it is - I thought once you accept Jesus there is no judgment seat. No, there is. There's a judgment seat for everybody.

October 15 – The Voice of grace and judgment – Reformed Perspective

In the final scheme of Bible chronology, where does that great judgment fit where everybody appears? You might call it the great white throne judgment. At the end of the years. I just want to drop this in here. At the end of the years, when the new Jerusalem comes down. Of course, all the saved are in the city. All the good angels are there. Christ is there. Jesus will then call from their graves all the wicked who have ever lived. They cover the earth like a sea.

Ezekiel and Revelation refer to them as 'gog and magog. It's a term that just represents gog - magog means the children or out of the matrix of gog. So it's gog and her children. You've got Babylon and her daughters. It's talking about the wicked and the children of the wicked and they all gather, they surround the city of God, their devil rallies them to attack the city of God. They come against the new Jerusalem and just before they launch that attack, there's a panorama played in the heavens of the plan of salvation, everyone's life will individually flash before them at that time.

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They'll see in great detail, very vividly, how God did everything he could to save them and how they chose the path of selfishness - they resisted the Holy Spirit - just whatever was going on. And they're overwhelmed with a sense of God's justice and their sinfulness. At that point, every knee will bow - doesn't the Bible say 'every knee'? There's a point where everyone involved in this cosmic conflict - every knee is going to bow, every tongue will confess - including the devil - that Jesus Christ is Lord. That is the great white throne judgment when everybody is going to be present at that time.