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Fields Under Heaven: Book 1: Insurrection

Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar.

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Defended by a paramilitary police force without adequate manpower and abandoned by the rest of the universe, Holland is barely hanging on to survival. Major Michael Wilfz is a highly decorated Holland Constabulary officer who has a reputation for gaining loyal and selfless subordinates.

Fields Under Heaven : Book 1: Insurrection -

While recovering from a training accident, his commanding officer assigns him a simple errand: meet an envoy sent by the Celestial Empire and then report back to him. After an unorthodox encounter that does not go as planned with envoy and former actress Monique Lewellen, however, Wilfz finds himself involved in a conspiracy that sets into motion a series of events with the potential to change Holland forever.

In this intriguing science fiction adventure, a secret mission is jeopardized before it can even begin, forcing a paramilitary officer to risk everything to save his beloved planet from demise. Tucked away in their house on Rue Plumet in Saint-Germain, Cosette and Valjean once again live a happy life free of fear. Nevertheless, problems begin to develop—not from outside this time, but from within.

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  4. Cosette, who has lived with Valjean since she was eight years old, is blossoming into a young woman. She begins to sense that Valjean has chosen the seclusion of Saint-Germain for reasons other than merely hiding from Javert. Ever since Valjean ended their regular visits to the Luxembourg Gardens, it has become clear that he wants to hide Cosette from other men.

    Cosette thinks wistfully of the young man in the gardens.

    Satan's Rebellion and Fall from Grace

    At the same time, Valjean is painfully aware that Cosette is all that he has in life. Losing Cosette would mean losing everything.

    The street urchin Gavroche overhears Father Mabeuf worrying about his finances. Gavroche slips away and sees the murderous Montparnasse pounce on an old man.

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    With great agility and strength, the old man, whom we recognize as Valjean, defends himself. He pins Montparnasse to the ground and lectures him about his life of crime.

    Boxer Rebellion

    He then gives Montparnasse his wallet and lets Montparnasse go. Mabeuf is ecstatic to find a wallet next to him, and his housekeeper declares that the money must have come from heaven. After a few months of discord, Cosette and Valjean begin to live in harmony again. Marius, however, interrupts this harmony.

    He has been spying on Cosette ever since Eponine gave him the address of the house in Saint-Germain. One night, he leaves a declaration of his love for Cosette.