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The Thin Crust was the special ingredient to this recipe. Little clean up. Hi again, Stacey. We made this stromboli today and it was excellent! We made one just like yours, with cooked sausage, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. The thin crust was perfect. Thanks so much for the tip of using the parchment paper to roll it up. I always have a hard time with this stuff, but the parchment paper was the trick. Found this recipe in Diabetic Recipes on Pinterest. Is it truly diabetic? My husband would love this. Thanks for giving me a different idea for dinner! Is it possible to take a few articles to my website?

I saw this in Pinterest this morning and my stomach was growling the whole day. We went with ital sausage and pepperoni. Hubby added ham to his side. OH my gosh. This looks wonderful.

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Jack did an amazing job on those pepperonis by the way! Update: Not one smidgen left after everyone got a hold of it at church! Thanks, Stacey, for a keeper!

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  • We just finished this and my husband said at least three times how good it was. I had to tutor a student and she got here late, which put supper late when she left but this was quick and easy. I already had Italian sauage and hamburger browned so it went together in a snap! This turned out wonderful! And it was very easy!!! I just kept a close eye on it so it did not burn. No soggy Stromboli here! So quick and easy and tasted great! Thank you so much for the recipe, this will be a family favorite for sure. I egg wash the top and add shredded Parmasaen cheese. It looks like I really worked hard to make it!!

    Mine burned to the bottom of the parchment paper and smoked up the house! Still tasted good though! Sooo funny story learned the hard way! Wax paper and parchment paper are NOT the same thing.

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    • I also learned that when the husband who does not cook becomes curious about the odd odor coming from said oven, one should investigate immediately. So while I salvaged dinner — same said husband felt the need to tell me how not good wax paper is in the oven….. We had a really good laugh later and the Easy not so on first try Stromboli was wonderful! That is hilarious, Beth! This must have been my problem! I made it tonight and wondered why it was stuck to the paper. We lost the whole bottom layer of crust.

      The inside tasted yummy though. Oh no!! What do I do?? I DO have those mats though!!! Will that be better?? Spmeone HELP!!

      I see others saying theirs burned as well!! If I use the mats will the temperature and or time change?? Beth, you have to come over to the not dark side of parchment.

      Easy's Last Stand eBook by Nancy A. Collins Kobo Edition |

      You need one you are working from and one in storage. During the holidays, maybe! I made this recipe tonight and it was ssssoooo good….. Will be going in my regular rotation..

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      This looks so tasty!! This looks so tasty! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this recipe!!! This reminds me of calzones we used to make growing up, but so much easier. The pre-made thin crust is a lifesaver. I added some ricotta cheese and it was amazing. I am wondering if this could be made ahead and baked just before it is needed.

      It would make a great addition to our appetizer Christmas Eve, but not a lot of time to put it together and bake it after out church service.

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      It would be nice to have it ready and just put it in the oven. What do you think? Thank you! How early are you thinking, Suzanne? I think it could be done a little ahead of time but not days. I made this for dinner tonight and it was a huge hit with my son and hubby! I especially appreciate the tips and photos of how to roll it up. That made it much easier to figure out.

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      I am dreaming of all the different fillings I can put in there! I brushed mine with a little melted butter mixed with garlic powder. I just love hearing that, Sarah! Make sure you let me know how you get creative with those fillings!

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      Taste is fine but was very sad with the process. I sure hate to hear that. So strange! We followed the directions exactly and lifted while folding…Had no issues! I buy it ground in bulk, not in a casing.