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Our global economy is outgrowing the capacity of the earth to support it, moving our early twenty-first century civilization ever closer to decline and possible collapse. A century ago, annual growth in the world economy was measured in billions of dollars.

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Today it is measured in trillions. As a result, we are consuming renewable resources faster than they can regenerate. Forests are shrinking, grasslands are deteriorating, water tables are falling, fisheries are collapsing, and soils are eroding.

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We are using up oil at a pace that leaves little time to plan beyond peak oil. And we are discharging greenhouse gases into the atmosphere faster than nature can absorb them, setting the stage for a rise in the earth's temperature well above any since agriculture began. Our twenty-first century civilization is not the first to move onto an economic path that was environmentally unsustainable.

Many earlier civilizations also found themselves in environmental trouble. Others were not. We study the archeological sites of Sumerians, the Mayans, Easter Islanders, and other early civilizations that were not able to make the needed adjustments in time. Fortunately, there is a consensus emerging among scientists on the broad outlines of the changes needed. If economic progress is to be sustained, we need to replace the fossil-fuel-based, automobile-centered, throwaway economy with a new economic model.

Instead of being based on fossil fuels, the new economy will be powered by abundant sources of renewable energy: wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, and biofuels. Instead of being centered around automobiles, future transportation systems will be far more diverse, widely employing light rail, buses, and bicycles as well as cars.

The goal will be to maximize mobility, not automobile ownership. Consumer products from cars to computers will be designed so that they can be disassembled into their component parts and completely recycled.

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Throwaway products such as single-use beverage containers will be phased out. The good news is that we can already see glimpses here and there of what this new economy looks like. We can see how to build the new economy brick by brick. With each wind farm, rooftop solar panel, paper recycling facility, bicycle path, and reforestation program, we move closer to an economy that can sustain economic progress.

If, instead, we continue on the current economic path, the question is not whether environmental deterioration will lead to economic decline, but when. No economy, however technologically advanced, can survive the collapse of its environmental support systems. A free three-part colloquia series sponsored by the Peace Education Center featuring distinguished visiting Professor Dr.

Werner Wintersteiner. For more information on the sessions above please visit www. His writings include many articles and several books on intercultural and peace education in different languages. Young scholars forum. Janvier 24 - 26 janvier: La linguistique de Bernard Pottier: Bilan, critiques, perspectives. Responsable au CCFN :. Responsable au CCFN:.

Ansvarlig ved Senteret: Saphinaz-Amal Naguib. Ansvarlig ved Senteret : Saphinaz-Amal Naguib. Ansvarlig ved Senteret: Marit Melhuus. Supporting research - the French perspective, seminar arrangert av administrasjonsledelsen ved Det humanistiske fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo. Januar Ansvarlig ved Senteret:. Februar 3. Mai Ibsen seminar arrangert i samarbeid med UD, den norske ambassaden i Paris, Ibsensenteret og Sorbonne universitetet.

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Dear Colleague, Greetings! Please visit the website that I am developing for the international conference on Iraq. Regards, Adenrele. Werner Wintersteiner Klagenfurt University, Austria is a visiting scholar at the Peace Education Center currently conducting research on the history of peace education developments at Teachers College. He also welcomes comments and thoughts on anything outside the questions included.

This information will aid him in understanding the history of peace education at Teachers College and how individuals who have been connected with us are able to apply their learning. More information on Dr. Wintersteiner and his research is included in the attached. We appreciate you help in aiding him with his research. Below is a brief introductory note from Dr. You may contact him directly by email at ww columbia. I am conducting research on the history of peace education at Teachers College.

Thus, I am interested to know what alumni think about their peace education studies. Basically, I want to know two things:. Therefore, I need your help. Please take a couple of minutes and fill out the attached questionnaire. I believe that this can help very much to the improvement of peace education at Teachers College.

Please let me introduce myself: I am a professor specialized in peace education at Klagenfurt University, Austria. Description of the research My aim is a critical inquiry on the history, the philosophy, the practice and the organisation of the peace education concentration in the International Educational Development Program and the Peace Education Center at Teachers College. Basically, I am using the documents to investigate the history of the peace education activities.

But beside this, I will also try to find out what alumni think about their studies in peace education.

Übersetzung des Quran Hörbuch Koran Kuran Deutsch German Kapitel 1┇Sure 1 al Fatiha die Eröffnende

Basically, I want to know two things: a. How you assess the peace education studies that you have done at Teachers College. Please take a couple of minutes about 10 ms and fill out this questionnaire.

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Confidentiality I am using the data basis of alumni of the peace education center in an indirect way. This means I submit the questionnaire to Tony Jenkins who is sending it out. Thus, you answer to me as an anonymous person. You send your data directly to me, not to the Center. Thus, the Center is unable to identify who answers to the questionnaire. In the questionnaire, there are no questions about your personal identity.

When I ask for the gender, this is to find out whether or not there is a gender gap in the assessment of the studies as well as in their use for a future career. The research and survey is voluntary. Your choice to participate is a sign of your consent. The confidentiality of your answer will be preserved.

The data will only be used for professional purposes. I ask you, please, to be sincere and critical! This study is not about getting friendly comments but reflective statements. This may not only help to conduct my research but is also intended to improve the quality of the peace education studies offered. The results of the whole study, including the feed-back of the alumni, will hopefully be published as an article in a journal dealing with peace education issues.

Please send the questionnaire back to me as soon as possible, not later than by October 31, ! Personal data: 1. Gender: 1.

REIMPROSA - Definition and synonyms of Reimprosa in the German dictionary

Previous degrees and topics before entering graduate school: 1. Work experience before entering graduate school: 1. Which degree did you complete at T. Which year did you finish your studies: 1.

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Current profession: 1. Is there any relation to your peace education studies in your current profession: 1. Do you have peace education related avocation which one : 2. Interests and expectations: please use additional paper when space is too small 2. Reasons why you decided to study peace education:.

Assessment of your study experience: please use additional paper when space is too small 3. Were you satisfied with your studies please choose one : Very satisfied Quite satisfied Not really satisfied 3. What did you like the best e. Outcome: 4.