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This is the important first-hand historical material to understand the development of Japanese dietetic herbalism in early Edo and its dietotherapy culture. Bisher liegen lediglich Daten aus einer kleinen Pilotstudie vor. Es wurden Daten von Patienten ausgewertet. Unter der Kombinationstherapie verbesserten sich alle Wirksamkeitsparameter deutlich. Allgemein wurde die Kombinationstherapie gut vertragen.

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Nowadays more and more high-rate Global Navigation Satellite Systems GNSS data become available in real time, which provide more opportunities to monitor the seismic waveforms. In the present paper, real-time monitoring of seismic waveforms using BDS measurements is assessed.

We investigate a so-called "variometric" approach to measure real-time seismic waveforms with high-rate BDS observations. This approach is based on time difference technique and standard broadcast products which are routinely available in real time.

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Moreover, the displacement waveforms is reconstructed by an integration of velocity time series with trend removal. The displacement waveforms with the accuracy of cm are derived by comparing with post-processing GPS precise point positioning PPP.

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Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS carrier phase measurement for short baseline meets the requirements of deformation monitoring of large structures. However, the carrier phase multipath effect is the main error source with double difference DD processing. Multipath error periodically repeats for its strong correlation to geometry of satellites, reflective surface and antenna which is also repetitive.

We analyzed the characteristics of orbital periods of BDS satellites which are consistent with multipath repeat periods of corresponding satellites.

Wavelet filter and Empirical mode decomposition EMD were also used to mitigate multipath effects. The experimental results show that the three filters methods all have obvious effect on improvement of baseline accuracy and the performance of KT-RTSS method is slightly better than that of wavelet filter and EMD filter. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass in der Idealgruppe keine signifikante Blutdrucksenkung beobachtet werden konnte.

We also compared against co-located refractivity profiles from radiosondes. The statistical evaluation against these reference data shows that the results from single- and zero-difference processing are reasonably consistent in both bias and standard deviation, clearly demonstrating the feasibility of zero differencing for GNOS BDS RO observations. The average bias and standard deviation of the bending angle and refractivity profiles were found to be about 0. Zero differencing was found.

Treatment with ofloxacin or synthetic trehalose dicorynemycolate S. Kompressionstherapie bei Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Neben der konservativen und interventionellen Wund- und Venentherapie, ist die Kompressionstherapie die Basis der Behandlungsstrategien. Eine weitere, bislang wenig verbreitete Alternative sind adaptive Kompressionsbandagen. Porphyra yezoensis bei Helgoland — eine entwicklungsgeschichtliche Studie. A Porphyropsis-like epiphytic specimen found in the harbour of Helgoland was grown in culture and proved to be identical with the Japanese Porphyra yezoensis.

Life history studies on this economically important alga resulted in some interesting and hitherto unknown details.

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The variability of the adult frond is fundamentally determined by the pattern of spore germination. Settled on Chaetomorpha filaments, monospores elongate within 20 minutes; the epiphytic germlings are attached to the substrate by a typical basal cell and give rise exclusively to elongated fronds provided with a cuneate base. Unattached spores, however, germinate into buds with rhizoids; they develop into elongated elliptical to oval fronds provided with round or cordate bases.

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Only plants with male areas were observed in the cultures, but Conchocelis was abundantly produced from cells of aged thalli. Grown in mussel-shells, the filamentous phase liberated conchospores for a long time. Coherence relations are typically taken to link two clauses or larger units and to be signaled at the text surface by conjunctions and certain adverbials. Relations, however, also can hold within clauses, indicated by prepositions like despite, due to, or in case of, when these have an internal argument denoting an eventuality.

Although these…. Of the total surface of 25 m2 Cnidaria represent The cnidarian cover is roughly equally contributed by For each species the percentage of the total cover measured as vertical projection , colony number, average and maximal colony size are given. A total number of cnidarian species was recorded, among which the 78 scleractinian species represent 34 of the 55 coral genera known from the Red Sea.

The well balanced regime of moderate light and current conditions which are tolerated both by shallow and deep water species may account for the high species number. Disturbances such as occasional sedimentation, grazing of sea urchins Diadema setosum and overgrowth of stony corals by xeniids result in continuous fluctuations of the coral community, in small colony size and in high colony number. The data obtained from the fore reef square are compared with those of a similar test square in the lagoon of the same reef and with results from transect zonations on the opposite coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

These comparisons indicate that the fore reef harbours the richest coral fauna in the reef. The inventory of coral species at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, one of the northernmost outposts of the coral reef belt, is only little reduced when compared with that of the central Red Sea; this great species diversity is in contrast to the worldwide decrease of species number towards the periphery of the reef belt.

Caudal regeneration was investigated in decerebrate Anaitides mucosa and in brain-intact individuals. Both groups show an identical capacity to regenerate lost caudal segments. Furthermore there is no difference in males and females. At the same time degeneration of most oocytes occurs. Federal Register , , , , Yuan conducted a scheme to fraudulently enter goods into the United States by means of false statements and documents in violation of 18 U. The purpose of Ms. Yuan's scheme was to import, enter Initiation as a basic property of behavioral activity is functionally analyzed and discussed at the level of voluntary behavior.

Fixed action patterns often are not released by stimuli but are generated by the animal itself through brain processes of the Darwinian type. Initiation improves the chance of survival. It is a prerequisite of goal-oriented behavior, an essential constituent of operant conditioning and presumably the first step in the evolution of thought.

According to I. Kant a person is free if, by following his own directive, he does what has to be done. This definition meets the two central criteria of initiation: the independence of releasing stimuli and the adaptive value of the behavior generated. The significant storage capacity of low permeable soils aquitards leads to their long-term contamination. In situ thermal remediation ISTR proved to work successfully in treating these soils. Thus, the area of ISTR application grew continuously over the past 10 years. The dominating processes during the remediation can vary considerably, depending on hydrogeological and geological boundary conditions and the contamination itself.

This article summarizes the application for in-situ thermal remediation ISTR in low permeable soils and aquitards for soil and groundwater treatment. Dominating remediation processes during volatile organic compound VOC and residual oil phase recovery are presented. The processes are illustrated by project examples. Vernetzen - koordinieren - beraten.

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The article shows how the agency has become a key multimodal service provider in the field of sustainable mobility. The bike route planner is a popular and effective means of promoting cycling. Behind its self-explanatory surface, a complex system of stakeholders has to work together to provide this service.

Last but not least, the NVBW promotes the development of new approaches for maintaining and improving the accessibility of rural areas. As part of this, various community-based transport solutions have been proposed to complement traditional public transport. All in all, there is a growing range of tasks in the field of transport for which geographical perspectives and experiences can be put to good use.

Timing group delay and differential code bias corrections for Bei Dou positioning. Furthermore, the influence of differential code biases on BDS positioning estimates such as coordinates, receiver clock biases, tropospheric delays and carrier phase ambiguities is investigated comprehensively.

Comparative analysis show that the unmodeled differential code biases degrade the performance of BDS SPP by a factor of two or more, whereas the estimates of PPP are subject to varying degrees of influences. For SPP, the accuracy of dual-frequency combinations is slightly worse than that of single-frequency, and they are much more sensitive to the differential code biases, particularly for the B2B3 combination.

For PPP, the uncorrected differential code biases are mostly absorbed into the receiver clock bias and carrier phase ambiguities and thus resulting in a much longer convergence time. Even though the influence of the differential code biases could be mitigated over time and comparable positioning accuracy could be achieved after convergence, it is suggested to properly handle with the differential code biases since it is vital for PPP convergence and integer ambiguity resolution. AIM, which stands for Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, is being prepared for integrated testing and a flight simulation.

The AIM spacecraft will fly three instruments designed to study polar mesospheric clouds located at the edge of space, 50 miles above the Earth's surface in the coldest part of the planet's atmosphere. The mission's primary goal is to explain why these clouds form and what has caused them to become brighter and more numerous and appear at lower latitudes in recent years.

AIM's results will provide the basis for the study of long-term variability in the mesospheric climate and its relationship to global climate change. Launch from the Pegasus XL rocket is scheduled for April The Cosmic Dust Experiment surfaces can be clearly seen as 12 rectangular areas on the aft portion of the spacecraft.

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  • In order to understand Sturm's concept of a universal mathematics as a replacement or complement of metaphysics, one first has to examine the evolution of the idea of a mathesis universalis up to Sturm, and his concept of metaphysics. According to the understanding of those times, natural theology belongs to metaphysics. The last section is concerned with Sturm's statements on the existence of God and his assessments for a physico-theology. The dependence of the received optical power on the range in optical short-distance radar range finders is calculated by means of the methods of geometrical optics.

    The calculations are based on a constant intensity of the transmitter-beam cross section and on an ideal thin lens for the receiver optics. The results are confirmed by measurements. Even measurements using a nonideal thick lens system for the receiver optics are in reasonable agreement with the calculations.